Jewel Hospitality provides dynamic and innovative food service management and memorable dining for our business and industry clients. We provide all forms of corporate food management, from drop off lunches or buffets, to fully catered plated meals. 

Our corporate food management philosophy springs from our core values and strengths as a locally-based and independently owned company. Above all, we believe in creating a truly memorable experience through world class customer service and customized menus that reflect the personal tastes and dietary needs of your company. Each of our signature dishes comes only from the finest, locally-sourced ingredients and skilled execution. We strive to provide artistic cuisine that will lift spirits, create camaraderie, and please every employee's palate. 

Our streamlined business structure and local focus allow us to give you our complete attention, to fully address all of your needs, and to create a truly exceptional dining experience. We specialize in iconic branded and themed concepts including bakeries, cafés, smoothie shops, sandwich bars, and full-service dining.

What does your ideal dining space look like? Contact us today to find out how we can create a memorable experience designed specifically for your company.