2015 Wedding Trends

With a new year comes new wedding trends. Wedding styles are always changing throughout the years. At one point it was popular to have long and patterned bridesmaid dresses - now brides are going the mismatched route! Below are some of the predicted wedding trends of 2015 – which ones are your favorite?

Wedding Dresses

2014 was definitely the year of the crop top – and now that style is working its way into wedding gowns! If done tastefully, it can be a very elegant and fashionable look. Other trends we are seeing are different shades such as blush pink, silver or gold, softer ball gowns with a more relaxed silhouette, and sheer fabrics.  

Wedding dress designed by Theia

Wedding dress designed by Theia


“Late Night Snacks” are a big trend at weddings, and we see this continuing to grow in 2015! Jewel Hospitality offers several late night snack options, from Caramel and Fleur De Sel Popcorn, to truffle scented fries and sugar dusted beignets. For couples that want their reception to continue long after dinner, this is a great option for your guests! Couples requesting locally sourced or seasonal food is also becoming more popular. Not only will the food be fresh, but it helps support your community.

Wedding Colors

Pantone predicts that the top color for this year’s weddings will be Aquamarine, along with 9 over soft and muted hues. These other colors include scuba blue, lucite green, toasted almond, classic blue, strawberry ice, tangerine, custard, glacier gray, and marsala. Soft colors look great on a lot of different skin tones for your bridesmaid dresses and these colors will look timeless in all of the photos. Try pairing a stand out color (scuba blue or marsala for example) with a neutral tone like toasted almond or glacier gray.

Photo via Pantone

Photo via Pantone

Décor and Flowers

Mason jars defined 2014 weddings, but what trend will define 2015? Temporary tattoos are becoming very trendy, and we predict we will see more of them in 2015! These tattoos are (usually) custom made and given out to the guests to sport throughout the night. Other trends we expect to see are copper in precious metals, bouquets that look “just picked from the garden,” and vintage décor.  

Wedding Cakes

Couples are starting to choose simple cakes over ones covered in flowers and other designs. Metallic colored icing and dustings of glitter will be popular this year, as well as simple designs such as patterns of lace, ruffles, and other festive trim. Some are even choosing “naked” cakes, which are cakes without frosting on the outside.

Which wedding trends are you most excited for? Jewel Hospitality specializes in putting on the perfect event for you, whether it is sophisticated and elegant or festive and trendy! Contact us to learn more