2014-2015 Wedding and Party Trends

Décor & Style

While some out there may be fervently calling for the retirement of Mason Jars as event décor (and the other myriad of things that people have used them for), we don’t want to write the whole Boho Chic style off just yet. There are so many delicate details and an enchanting ambiance that can be offered by aged wood complemented by sheer lace and pastel flowers. Just look at this wedding, or this party, or this styled shoot! Do you really want to give up all that beauty?!

vintage chic events

However, we are embracing with open arms the reawakening of the Gatsby-style glamour and Vogue-worthy elegance. The sophisticated and stylish trends that dominated the Spring 2015 Bridal Runways are a clear indicator of what is to come in wedding décor and reception trends as well. Clearly, we are ready for the return of delicate strings of pearls, silver, ivory, and gold accentuated with a bold pop of color, and contemporary interpretations of classic styles.

Drinks & Libations

You can look online many places and see bartender’s chiming in with what cocktails are overrated, and which ones you should be drinking instead. But no matter how many times someone tells us that a Moscow Mule is overrated… it still tastes dang delicious. But there are a few things we agree with about the up-and-comers in the event cocktail game:


Every type of liquor at the grocery store now comes with at least a dozen counterparts ranging in flavor from Cherry, to Espresso, to Sriracha (seriously!). We are fans of the consumer choices, but we are predicting (and advocating for) a return to a simpler time of balanced cocktails of high-caliber liquors mingling with fresh ingredients in a marriage of flavors. 

classic cocktails

Guaranteed a well-made Harvey Wallbanger made with Chopin Vodka, fresh-squeezed orange juice and a float of Galliano will easily beat out any Razzamatazz-Long-Island-Fruit-Punch concoction that poolside bar in Vegas convinced you was good.

Local and Artisanal.

Enough said.

The Underdogs.

Some spirits seem to come and go with passing popularity and fading trendiness, but everyone has their favorite spirit upon which to imbibe. However, we have seen a spike in the use of gin and we couldn’t be happier to see it adventuring out into the world without tonic. Don’t get me wrong, a well-made Gin & Tonic is a wonderful thing, but compared to our resident mixologists’ dangerously delicious recipe of Beefeater Gin, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, fresh lemon juice and Crème de Violette? Sorry, G & T.

Food & Serving Style

food trends

In the Pacific Northwest in particular, we are always seeing a drive to create meals using seasonal, sustainable ingredients. Here in Washington we have been blessed with nutrient-rich soils and a climate ideal for a vast array of produce.  With the Ballard Farmer’s Market and Pike Place only minutes from our venues, we are able to consistently incorporate seasonal fare into our menus. This season, previously underrated vegetables are becoming the star of the table, from Jerusalem artichokes to brussel sprouts and ramps. Brussel sprouts, a personal favorite of ours, are wonderful for their versatility. When roasted with lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, and topped with pancetta they are an entirely different entity than if you were to sauté them with chilies, cumin, or Asian spices.  

We are also seeing a shift in event serving style. Opting for small bites, tray-passed appetizers and family-style dining, event and wedding reception dining is a not only about filling up and indulging in delicious cuisine, but about the social aspect of sharing a meal together. Another reason for this shift is to incorporate a larger variety of cuisine options to cater to individual dietary restrictions, instead of simply offering one vegan, gluten, and allergy-free plate.

Do What Feels Right

Despite our love for following trends, experimenting with new designs and ingredients, and making style predictions, we passionately maintain the stance that regardless of what is in or out, hipster or classic, trendy or trite, you should allow your event to embody your personal style and taste. Because in reality, haters gon’ hate: so the only thing that matters is that you love it. 

What trends are you looking forward to?

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