Tips for Picking out Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Picking out the perfect wedding dress (along with the venue!) is one of the most important and fun aspects of your wedding. On your wedding day you want to feel gorgeous and comfortable. In order to have a stress-free wedding dress experience, here are a few steps to assist in picking out your perfect gown!

Know Your Venue

Are you getting married at a beautiful waterfront venue like the Canal? Or having a casual ceremony on the beach? Wherever it may be – pick your location before you pick the dress! A lace gown may not be ideal for the beach, but perfect for an elegant ballroom like the Great Hall. Most fabrics work all year round, but be mindful that some may be too warm or too cool for certain climates. 

Great Hall at Union Station Wedding

Set a Budget

Setting a budget for the dress is just as important as setting one for the wedding. No one wants to try on a dress, fall in love, and then realize they can’t afford it! Remember to budget for the dress, veil, alternations, accessories and undergarments. This should be about 10 to 15 percent of your budget.

Know What You Want

Do your research. Browse through wedding magazines, Pinterest, and blogs.  Have fun as you discover which design you’re falling in love with. Are you going for a romantic look? Elegant? Simple? Figure out what you want so you can go into your appointment with a vision in mind.  

Wedding Dress Shopping Cheat Sheet

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

A typical wedding dress should be selected six to nine months before the ceremony. This gives you plenty of time for the dress to be created and to complete necessary alternations or finishing touches.

Plan It Out

Most bridal shops require appointments, so remember to call a few weeks in advance. Make an effort to limit the number of appointments you make on any given day. There are only so many dresses you can try on before they all start to run together. Remember to take notes on price, fit, style, etc., so you can remember which ones captured your heart.

Try on Several Styles

 White by Vera Wang - Strapless Tiered Tulle Ball Gown Style Wedding Dress

White by Vera Wang - Strapless Tiered Tulle Ball Gown Style Wedding Dress

 Jewel Collection - Lace and Tulle Trumpet Wedding Gown with Illusion Halter 

Jewel Collection - Lace and Tulle Trumpet Wedding Gown with Illusion Halter 

Limit the People You Bring

It’s no fun to pick out the most important dress of your life alone, but hearing the opinion of 15 different friends and family members isn't enjoyable either. Be mindful about who you bring. Having a large group of opinionated people can be confusing and cause you to second guess yourself. Bring a few close friends and family members that you know you’ll have fun with and that you trust to give you their honest opinion.

Read the Contract

Thoroughly reading the contract will insure that you know how much the alterations are estimated to be, when the dress will be ready, and what the cancellation policy is. Make sure to also double check that the style number, color, and size are correct as well.

Have Fun!

Picking out a wedding dress can be the most rewarding experience, so enjoy your time at the salon. Go with your intuitions and remember that your dress will be what you love and feel comfortable in.

Now that you've picked out your stunning wedding dress, it’s time to move on to the next part in the planning process!