The Pros and Cons of an “Unplugged” vs. “Plugged In” Wedding – Which One is Right for You?

Instagram sign via HelloMyGem on Etsy

Instagram sign via HelloMyGem on Etsy

You have probably seen a lot of wedding photos in your Facebook feed this summer. Some accompanied custom hashtag such as #smithwedding14 or #DaveAndKateWed. With the rise in social media popularity, some couples have decided to either embrace social media or completely banished it from their wedding. Some couples love the idea of scrolling through Facebook the next day and seeing photos of them they might never have gotten, while others are horrified at the idea of unflattering shots being uploaded for the world to see. 

What are benefits of having an unplugged (no social media or cameras) and plugged wedding? Read below for pros and cons, as well as ways to incorporate it into the wedding.

Pros of Having a Plugged In Wedding

  • There is more opportunity for great candid shots of the couple, wedding party, and their guests.
  • Sharing and snapping photos with everyone is fun – and it will be even more fun to see what is posted the next day!
  • Invited guests that were unable to attend are able to see what is happening as it happens, and don’t have to wait till the photos come out.

Pros of Having an Unplugged Wedding

  • Cameras and phones can be distracting to the couple and their guests.
  • There is no chance of people finding out they weren't invited via Facebook or Instagram.
  • Tablets, cameras, and smartphones won’t get in the way of that perfect photographic moment the photographer is trying to capture.
  • Guests will be present at the wedding and not worrying about what they are saying on Facebook or if the filter they chose is perfect for the photo.
  • There is no chance of unflattering photos being posted without approval.
Sign via TheCrookedTwig on Etsy

Sign via TheCrookedTwig on Etsy

How to Have a Plugged In Wedding

If the plan is to incorporate social media into the wedding, the easiest way is to pick a custom hashtag. You can go simple such as #hudsonwedding15 or #mrandmrshudson, or more customized to your big day, such as #hudsonsgetmarriedatthebeach. This is not only fun for guests, but creates an easy way to find all photos posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There are also several wedding apps that allow guests to share photos publicly or privately everyone, including Wedding Party App, Capsule and Wed Pics.


How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Sign via DearPoppi on Etsy

Sign via DearPoppi on Etsy

If the plan is to have an unplugged wedding, these rules need to be made clear to the guests. Having a “phone check,” including a note in the invitation or a sign with rules is a nice way to let them know. It’s also a good idea to have the officiant say something before the ceremony.

Some couples choose to have an unplugged ceremony, but a plugged in reception. Whatever you choose to do, make sure everyone knows. If you decide to have a completely unplugged wedding, having a photo booth is another great option so guests can take home a lovely memory from the wedding.

What are your thoughts on plugged in and unplugged weddings? Which one would (or did) you choose?