One of Our Own is Engaged - Tips for Taking Beautiful Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a great way to document yourself as a couple before the big day and provide you with something to send out to relatives, use as your engagement announcement, use as décor at your wedding – and more.

One of Jewel Hospitality’s own shared her engagement photos with us, and we could not be more pleased with the outcome! Her wedding will be taking place at The Canal next summer, which will have many great photo opportunities as well. 

These photos are a great example of what to do at an engagement shoot so that the photos not only look great, but show the couple’s personalities as well:

Showcase The Couple’s Interests

Cybal and her fiancé Ben met dancing (how cute is that?) so it seemed only fitting to take a few engagement photos of them dancing at the ballroom where they first met.. Take a few photos doing what you both love. If it’s taking trips to the beach, take a few shots there. If it’s watching or playing sports, take a few shots playing sports or at your favorite stadium – be creative.

Pick a Location That Means Something to the Couple

It’s always good to have variety in your photos (inside and outside) and to choose a location that has some meaning. For example, Cybal and Ben chose to take photos at a nearby park they spent a lot of time at. There is a good chance the photographer has a studio to shoot in – but don’t forget to get outside too. If it is a popular location, make sure to check beforehand that no events are going on so your photos don’t get bombarded.

Wear Complimenting Outfits

Deciding what to wear during your engagement shoot is one of the most important decisions. If both people wear black, it may look a little depressing. If one person wears neon yellow and the other chooses green – you may look too intense. Chose colors that complement each other – but the colors don’t necessarily need to match. Cybal and her fiancé chose white and green for one setting, and red and white for the other. Remember to also take into account the colors of the background, and dress accordingly.

Always remember to think of comfort and what suits you. If you are a jeans and t-shirt gal, don’t wear fancy dresses and heals for the entire shoot – it will looked forced. If a certain shirt or dress requires a lot of fidgeting, the photos will look stiff and uncomfortable. Think about this before deciding on what to wear.

Take Posed and Candid Shots

These photos have a variety of posed and candid shots, which gives the couple a lot to choose from. Forget the photographer is there and enjoy being with your fiancé, there is a good chance they will capture something beautiful.

Now that you've read these tips, take a look at their engagement photos below! All photos courtesy of FINO Photography