Choosing A Wedding Day

Planning your wedding day begins with a vision. Casual. Black-tie. On the beach. Classic. Funky. Your vision can be inspired by many things: personal style, a special moment in your relationship, where or when you met, where your family lives, a sentimental or nostalgic connection… the list goes on.

And from this vision, it can often determine the time of year that you prefer to get married. Autumn, Winter, Summer, and Spring all lend themselves to various wedding styles and themes. So you choose your season, maybe you choose your month.

But then we get down to the details: choosing the day.

To Saturday, or Not-to-Saturday, that is the question. We are strong proponents of Friday, Sunday, (or even Tuesday!) weddings for lots of reasons. So let’s jump in!

The Bonuses of a Non-Saturday Wedding

  • For out-of-town guests, weekday travel is often more convenient – allows for more flexible bookings and significantly lower travel costs. 
  • Friday weddings give out-of-town guests a chance to explore the city during the rest of the weekend.
  • The savings of having a weekday wedding is often significant. Weekdays, Fridays, and Sundays tend to offer lower costs from many vendors, allowing you to spend that money more effectively (i.e. more guests able to be invited, higher-end menus, a more highly sought after photographer or venue, the honeymoon, etc.).
  • More availability for the vendors and venues that you want
  • Flexibility to have your wedding on a date that is significant to you. The first time you said 'I love you', the time that your eyes first met, a favorite day you spent together...
  • Your in-town guests will be thankful that you got them out of work early. Because honestly, have you ever been upset leaving work early for a good reason? We didn’t think so.

And a totally out-of-the-box consideration… is it imperative to do the ceremony and reception on the same day? Perhaps have the ceremony on a Thursday or Friday evening – 30 minutes for the ceremony, and then time for mingling, saying hello, receiving congratulations, and photographs. Then the next evening, after a couple’s spa day of relaxation and basking in the glow of newlywed bliss, you can get dressed up and head to the reception to celebrate, eat, sing, and dance without any of the rush or stress of a full day affair.

But overall, this occasion is about you and your commitment to the person that you love. Weigh the pros and cons, but when making the final decision, just do what you want.

All the best and happy planning!