Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Party

The big question has been asked, a perfect venue and date have been secured, and now it’s time for one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process - picking out your wedding party! While choosing the people that will stand by you as you celebrate one of the most important days of your life can be very exciting, it can also be a bit stressful. After all, you simply can’t choose every single cousin, childhood friend, or college roommate to be up there with you! These ladies and gentlemen will be your support team throughout the planning process and on your big day, so how do you narrow it down to the right people? Jewel Hospitality shares the how-tos of picking out your perfect wedding party. 

Give Yourself Time to Think it Over

While it may be tempting to invite all of your friends to be in your bridal party the day after he pops the question, hold off! It’s best to give yourself a few weeks to think it over so you can ensure you’ll be standing next to the best set of people on your big day.

Wedding party outside the Canal |   Meredith McKee Photography

Wedding party outside the Canal | Meredith McKee Photography

Be Upfront About Expectations

Being in a wedding party requires a good amount of time and money, so make sure everyone knows what to expect! Is it important to you that your bridesmaids be dressed in stunning (yet expensive) designer dresses? Do you expect your maid of honor to help plan every fabulous detail of the wedding? Be upfront about what you want, and invite people in a way that allows them to decline kindly if they simply can’t afford the cost or have the time to participate. You want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease in your wedding party, so make sure to be open and honest about it. For friends that cannot commit for whatever reason, make them feel included by inviting them to your amazing bridal shower or an invitation stuffing party!


It’s Okay to Have Unconventional Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

While it may look nice to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, remember that close friends don’t come in boxed sets – it’s okay to have an uneven number! It also isn’t necessary to only have members of the same-sex and same age on your side. Your male or female friends and kids are welcome to join in on the fun too! Men are dubbed a “bridesman,” women a “groomswomen” and children can be given the title of “junior bridesmaid” or “junior groomsman.” Pick whomever you feel closet to, regardless of age or gender!

This couple decided to mix up their wedding party! |   Meredith McKee Photography  

This couple decided to mix up their wedding party! | Meredith McKee Photography 

Consider Including Your New Family

Is your husband-to-be really close to his sister? Do you consider your two brothers to be your best friends? It may be a good idea for both of you to include your new family in your wedding party! Think of all the holidays and exciting family vacations you will be spending with them in the future. Even if you aren’t super close with them now, chances are after a few years you will be! If you or your fiancé come from a big family and simply can’t include everyone, consider giving them a small role like passing out the beautiful programs or manning the guest book table.

You Can Have As Many (Or as Little) Maids of Honor and Best Men

Do you have two besties you simply can’t decide between? Is a family member making you feel obligated to pick them? It’s okay to have more than one maid of honor or best man, and some people even decide to forgo the tradition all together. Do whatever feels right for you! Just know that if you don’t choose a maid of honor or best man, the tasks that they normally do will have to be given or split up among everyone else.

Wedding Party at Golden Gardens, a beach less than a mile from the Canal and the Ballard Bay Club! |    Natalie Hilliard Photography

Wedding Party at Golden Gardens, a beach less than a mile from the Canal and the Ballard Bay Club! |  Natalie Hilliard Photography

A Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Aren’t Necessary

If you have a cousin or a friend with a kid that is the perfect age for a flower girl or ring bearer, go for it! Otherwise, if there are no kids you know or feel close to, don’t feel like you need to have these roles filled. Of course it is always fun to dress up kids in a charming tux and an adorable flower girl dress, but it isn’t necessary to have them. On the other hand, if you know too many kids, don’t feel like you can’t have more than one walking down the aisle. The more the merrier!

Now that you have gotten over the part of picking out your wedding party – it’s time to have fun! Decide on a time to start shopping for the perfect wedding dress, begin planning your bachelorette party, and thinking up those perfect little wedding details with your bridesmaids that will make your day absolutely fantastic! Jewel Hospitality can help make this experience even easier with our 3 gorgeous venues, delectable food and desserts, and spectacular event planning services. Visit our contact page to learn more